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Consistent service is a valuable commodity in the cattle industry. Miller Feedyard owner Jim Miller, a cattleman himself, knew this was important when he opened the business near Satanta in 1968. Today, Miller Feedyard has a 17,000 head capacity and can put years of proven management and production experience to work for you, the customer. This wealth of knowledge, combined with abundant local grain supplies and strong competition for finished cattle, gives backgrounders and cow-calf producers a distinct advantage in retaining their cattle through the feeding phase.
  • years of proven management and production experience to work for you
  • abundant local grain supplies
  • strong competition for finished cattle
Your cattle are treated with respect and special care by Miller Feedyard's experienced  processing crew and pen riders. These employees realize cattle performance will determine the customer's profitability. In cooperation with a consulting veterinarian, the feedyard staff follows a strict animal health program that keeps "pulls" to a minimum so your cattle can spend more time at the feedbunk.
  • Pens are checked daily, sometimes more frequently. 
  • Incoming cattle are accepted 24 hours a day, any day of the year. 
  • Management is always on hand to count and receive cattle as they are unloaded.

 MARKETING --------- 
When the customer and Miller Feedyard management determine the cattle are finished, all of the major packers have an opportunity to bid. Miller Feedyard is located in the "hotbed" of the packing industry, where the demand for cattle is greatest. Years of marketing experience by Miller Feedyard management will benefit you, the cattle feeder. 
  • four packer buyers weekly
  • live sales
  • negotiated grid sales
  • member of Consolidated Beef Producers 
Cattle are fed a scientifically-formulated ration, monitored on a regular basis by professional animal nutritionists. These consultants put together a least-cost ration for each pen of cattle that produces the highest rate of gain.
  • Haskell County is one of the state leaders in corn harvested for grain.  
  • Milo, wheat and other feedgrains are also raised in abundance locally.
  • Most of grain and silage is purchased locally, keeping feeding costs among the lowest on the High Plains. 


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